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Gwobbel Promotion Page :)

Welcome to my gwobbel promotion page. You might be wondering what a gwobbel is. Well I don't know either. It's a word I invented during a very dull lesson at school. The thing is, I have invented the word but I am still looking for a meaning for it. (If you have a good idea e-mail me. I might put it on this page).

The purpuse of this page is to make the word gwobbel known over the hole world. My goal is to have gwobbel included in a dictionary. I don't care in which langauge, any language will do. This can only be achieved if gwobbel is widely used as a word. So use gwobbel for everything as many times as you can.

This message was brought to you by Gwobbel.

© 1997 by Marijn Kampf a.k.a. Gwobbel
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P.s. sorry about the bad looking Gwobbel Promotion Page title in the top frame. I had to reduce the colors of the image a bit more than i wanted to to keep the filesize normal.